Objects & Places from Q Clearance

Peter Benchley
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White House

When Burnham is promoted, he gets an office in this building.

Executive Office Building

This building houses many of the White House staff members.


This is the neighborhood where the Burnham family lives.


This is the place where Epstein's agents try to arrest Burnham and Eva.


After his wife kicks him out, Burnham lives in a room here.

Q Clearance

This gives access to classified documents relating to atomic energy.

Department of Energy

This is where Timothy Burnham officially works because of payroll budget issues.


This item leads Ivy to believe that Burnham has an important job.


This object accidentally enters Cuban waters.


This organization is approached by Pym with his international espionage story.


In the novel, Communist agents in the region are taking over this place.

Micro tapes

Burnham uses these to blackmail Epstein in order to clear...

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