Objects & Places from Q Clearance

Peter Benchley
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White House - When Burnham is promoted, he gets an office in this building.

Executive Office Building - This building houses many of the White House staff members.

Georgetown - This is the neighborhood where the Burnham family lives.

Apartment - This is the place where Epstein's agents try to arrest Burnham and Eva.

YMCA - After his wife kicks him out, Burnham lives in a room here.

Q Clearance - This gives access to classified documents relating to atomic energy.

Department of Energy - This is where Timothy Burnham officially works because of payroll budget issues.

Shredder - This item leads Ivy to believe that Burnham has an important job.

Bilitis - This object accidentally enters Cuban waters.

ABC - This organization is approached by Pym with his international espionage story.

Honduras - In the novel, Communist agents in the region are taking over this place...

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