Q Clearance Fun Activities

Peter Benchley
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Quick Question and Answer Rotation Game

Instructor provides single question cards with answers, provide enough for at least one question card per student. Part of the activity can include students bringing in note cards, helping develop one answer, quick questions, and writing them on the cards. Each student can find the correct answer and write it on the card.

Panel Discussion

Choose students to play the part of a current era moderator and panel members Burnham, Pym, and Eva. Students can work in groups to come up with a "script" based on questions and answers taken from the text. Encourage the students to write in their own ideas of how the characters would act and answer questions. Characterization of the Burnham, Pym, and Eva should be written so they are answering questions in their character from a current era panel.

Trial Re-Enactment

Suppose Burnham gets caught and is...

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