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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Page 125-179.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. He also asks Dios about getting plumbing instead of ______________.
(a) An outhouse.
(b) A bedpan.
(c) Hole in the ground.
(d) Buckets.

2. Teppic's mother has been killed years ago by ______________.
(a) A runaway camel.
(b) A sacred crocodile.
(c) A group of assassins.
(d) A disease.

3. Pyramids are _______ in the stream of time.
(a) Fish.
(b) Dams.
(c) Rocks.
(d) Currents.

4. Upon Teppic's departure from Djelibeybi, his father, King Teppicymon XXVII, presents him with a bag that contains ______________.
(a) A mask, a staff, money, and a long papyrus scroll.
(b) A robe, some toys, a sword, a long rope, and a mask.
(c) A knife, letter, stack of books, and a pair of shoes.
(d) A cork, half a tin of saddle soap, a bronze coin, and an old sardine.

5. What happens if the student fails the test?
(a) They are sent to another planet.
(b) They are never seen or heard of again.
(c) They are banished from the city.
(d) They have to retake the exam.

Short Answer Questions

1. His father's spirit is talking to them and reveals what about Ptraci?

2. What is the camel's name?

3. Teppic is able to slip past the guards and finds Ptraci hiding ______________.

4. Why, when the king dies, is a pyramid built and his body mummified?

5. Pyramids were made to create a null time in the central chamber for what reason?

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