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Jean Merrill
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Eddie and Maxie drinking after the card game?
(a) Cream soda.
(b) Beer.
(c) Root beer.
(d) Wine.

2. What does Eddie say the pushcart vendors would have done if Maxie had been kidnapped?
(a) Gone to the newspapers.
(b) Gone to the Police Commissioner.
(c) Fought harder.
(d) Quit..

3. Why does the Police Commissioner go to Mack's cell?
(a) He has complaints from the officers.
(b) He hears Mack's yelling from his office.
(c) He wants to see if Mack is ready to give up.
(d) He has complaints from Frank the Flower.

4. Why does Maxie Hammerman say the pushcart war was fought?
(a) So there would always be some pushcarts in the city.
(b) To make people see the truth about trucks.
(c) To provide jobs for the pushcart vendors.
(d) So the trucks would have to stop blocking traffic.

5. What is the first point of the manifesto signed by the truck drivers of the city?
(a) That Maxie Hammerman be arrested.
(b) That the Mayor step down from his office.
(c) That pushcart vendors be fined for the flats they caused.
(d) That all pushcart vendors be arrested.

6. What does Papa Paretz give each of the truck drivers who agree to their terms?
(a) A bag of pretzels.
(b) A handful of flowers.
(c) An apple and a pear.
(d) A hot dog.

7. What does Maxie say all the pushcart vendors should do immediately?
(a) Get their pushcarts off the street.
(b) Give up and leave the city.
(c) Turn themselves in.
(d) Go to the park for another demonstration.

8. Why is Mack arrested?
(a) Drunken driving.
(b) Endangering pedestrians.
(c) Attempted murder.
(d) Reckless driving.

9. What do people throw at the trucks on Beecker Street?
(a) All kinds of fruits and vegetables.
(b) Cabbage and lettuce.
(c) Canteloupes and apples.
(d) Tomatoes and melons.

10. How many pushcarts are destroyed?
(a) Forty-seven.
(b) About eight.
(c) About eighty.
(d) None.

11. What does Maxie tell the Police Commissioner he meant by the notation "By Hand" beside Anna's name?
(a) That Anna requires that he use only hand tools.
(b) That Anna was to serve up lunch by hand.
(c) That Anna expected to be greeted with a wave.
(d) That Anna had caused her flats by hand.

12. What is Mr. Jerusalem's plan called?
(a) The Peaceful Pushcarts.
(b) Pretty Sneaky.
(c) The Peach March.
(d) The Public March.

13. What is Papa Peretz doing at 10:05?
(a) Selling hot dogs.
(b) Setlling flowers.
(c) Walting with a customer.
(d) Selling pretzels.

14. What time does Maxie say his guests should arrive?
(a) Seven thirty.
(b) Six thirty.
(c) Six o'clock.
(d) Seven o'clock.

15. What is the name of the girl who says she now wants to be a Pushcart Queen?
(a) Alicia Hammerman.
(b) Alice Myles.
(c) Mary Margaret.
(d) Melissa Cudd.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who claims ownership of the pea shooters after the Pea Tack Squad finds them?

2. How long does the author say has passed since the pushcart war?

3. How does General Anna get a message in to Maxie?

4. What does General Anna say should be a condition of the peace?

5. How much does Maxie win during the game?

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