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Jean Merrill
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the lady who takes notes that become known as the Portlette Papers?
(a) Mable Portlette.
(b) Moe Portlette.
(c) Miriam Portlette.
(d) Murtle Portlette.

2. What do people throw at the trucks on Beecker Street?
(a) Canteloupes and apples.
(b) Tomatoes and melons.
(c) Cabbage and lettuce.
(d) All kinds of fruits and vegetables.

3. Where does Maxie say he plans to be when The Three come to his shop?
(a) At the Police Commissioner's house.
(b) At Eddie Maroney's.
(c) At his shop.
(d) At a meeting of the pushcart vendors.

4. Who breaks Maxie Hammerman's radio?
(a) Maxie Hammerman.
(b) Mr. Jerusalem.
(c) General Anna.
(d) Albert P. Mack.

5. What does Maxie Hammerman use to write the words "war chest" on the side of his tool box?
(a) Yellow paint.
(b) Blue paint.
(c) Axle grease.
(d) Red paint.

6. What does Maxie tell the Police Commissioner he meant by the notation "By Hand" beside Anna's name?
(a) That Anna was to serve up lunch by hand.
(b) That Anna had caused her flats by hand.
(c) That Anna expected to be greeted with a wave.
(d) That Anna requires that he use only hand tools.

7. What does Maxie say all the pushcart vendors should do immediately?
(a) Get their pushcarts off the street.
(b) Turn themselves in.
(c) Go to the park for another demonstration.
(d) Give up and leave the city.

8. What is written on General Anna's statue?
(a) The Pushcart Queen.
(b) General Anna.
(c) By Hand.
(d) She Won the War.

9. What does Maxie say is the purpose of the gold pins?
(a) To mark when there was a major pushcart accident.
(b) To mark when hot dog vendors sold more than three dozen dogs.
(c) To mark when the pushcarts have a terrific day.
(d) To mark when the big trucks have a flat.

10. Who does Maxie invite to his meeting with The Three?
(a) Eddie Maroney, General Anna and the Police Commissioner.
(b) Eddie Maroney and the Police Commissioner.
(c) Harry Hot Dog, Morris the Florist and the Police Commissioner.
(d) All the pushcart vendors and the Police Commissioners.

11. What happens to make Mack lose control of his truck?
(a) General Anna screams.
(b) A pushcart axle crashes into the windshield.
(c) A load of apples crashes into the windshield.
(d) He dodges a pedestrian.

12. How much warning does Maxie Hammerman have that the Pea Tack Squad are going to raid his shop in search of pea pins?
(a) None.
(b) Two days.
(c) An hour.
(d) Thirty minutes.

13. What is Maxie hauling on the day of the peace march?
(a) Punching bags.
(b) Punch bowls.
(c) Apples and pears.
(d) Crystal glasses.

14. What is used as darts for Frank's dartboard?
(a) Darning needles.
(b) Darts.
(c) Pea tacks.
(d) Push pins.

15. What is the first point of the manifesto signed by the truck drivers of the city?
(a) That Maxie Hammerman be arrested.
(b) That all pushcart vendors be arrested.
(c) That the Mayor step down from his office.
(d) That pushcart vendors be fined for the flats they caused.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many pushcarts are destroyed?

2. Who does the Police Commissioner report to after his interview with Maxie Hammerman?

3. What does Buddy Wisser propose as a compromise to the number of trucks allowed in the city?

4. What is used as trophies for anyone who hits the target in the middle of the dart board?

5. Where does Mack first stop his truck?

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