The Pushcart War Short Essay - Answer Key

Jean Merrill
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1. Describe the incident that begins the pushcart war.

Morris the Florist is parked on a street selling flowers when Albert P. Mack arrives with ninety dozen piano stools, trying to deliver his load near Morris's location. When Mack tells Morris to move, Morris rudely refuses. Mack guns his engine and hits Morris's pushcart.

2. What is another name for the first incident of the pushcart war and why?

It's also known as the Daffodil Massacre because the first incident of the war involves two men, one driving a truck and one operating a flower business from a pushcart. When the truck hits the pushcart, the flowers - daffodils - go flying and most are destroyed.

3. What is the attitude of the truckers who are doing business in New York during the weeks prior to the pushcart war?

The truckers take the attitude that they aren't required to yield to anyone else. They believe that all other motorists will give way, and they're right. They also come to expect that they can take up as many parking places as they want and can park in the middle of the street if there are no parking places available, even when their errands are only to get a cup of coffee and they block a city street.

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