Objects & Places from The Pushcart War

Jean Merrill
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Small vendor carts seen all over New York City that vendors use to sell everything from hotdogs to clothing.


An invention of Carlos's son, invented as a weapon of the pushcart war.


Dried peas with pins or tacks stuck in them that the vendors and later the Frank the Flower Clubs use to shoot out the tires on trucks.

Tacks Tax

A tax the mayor imposes on tacks in order to stop children from shooting out truck tires. However, people become so upset about the tax that the mayor revokes it a week later.

The Pea Blockade

One of the mayor's attempts to keep people from shooting out the tires of trucks, shutting down all pea packaging plants in order to stop the sale of dry peas to those using them to shoot out truck tires.

The Master Plan

The outline established by Louie Livergreen...

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