The Pushcart War Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jean Merrill
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Joey Kafflis? What is the document Joey produces that provides an inside look into the pushcart war? Describe what Joey writes in this document.

Essay Topic 2

There's a theory that if fewer trucks were on the street, the remaining trucks could make their deliveries in less time. Is this a viable answer to the congestion problem? Support your answer with examples other than traffic.

Essay Topic 3

There is a series of events after the truckers privately declare war on the pushcarts and prior to the pushcart vendors becoming aware of the situation. Describe these events. Could there have been something done at this point to stop the war?

Essay Topic 4

Describe the relationship between Mr. Jerusalem and Solomon Livergreen. What is is about that relationship that prompts Mr. Jerusalem to become involved in the war by shooting out truck tires?

Essay Topic 5

Who is...

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