Objects & Places from Purity of Blood

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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The city abounds in contrasts, and the author describes both its grand decadent festivals and its refuse-filled alleyways.

Angelica's Charm

This object contains characters and a diagram relating to the Jewish cabala.

Tavern of the Turk

This place is frequented by Alatriste's friends including don Quevedo, Martin Saldana, Juan Vicuna, and Father Domine.

Vizcaina dagger

It is Alatriste's most trusted weapon, more lethal in close quarters than the sword.

San Gines Alley

This is used by those enjoying sanctuary in the church to conduct business affairs at night.

Juan Vicuna's Gambling House

It is in this location that Alatriste hides when he suspects that he is being sought by the Inquisition.

Dungeons of the Holy Inquisition, Toledo

Prisoners here are subjected to malnourishment, isolation, and in some cases torture in order to induce a confession.


A religious ceremony, complete with a holy mass, that was used...

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