Purity of Blood Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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Chapter 1

• On the day of the festivals of the bullfights in the Plaza Mayor, a crowd of church finds a dead woman tied to to a sedan chair. In her hand, she holds a note that says For masses for Your Soul.

• Chief Constable Martin Sladana is called into investigate. Barring the fact she is wearing a golden chain of Saint Agueda, he finds nothing remarkable about her.
• Saldana arrives at the bullfights where he meets his friend Diego Alatriste. With him is Inigo Balboa y Aguirre, the son of one of Alatriste old war compatriots. He serves as Alatriste's squire.

• Alatriste tells Sladana that he is planning to return to the Netherlands to fight.
• Alatrise and Inigo meet up with Alatriste's good friend the poet and swordsman Francisco de Quevedo. *Quevedo tells him that he has some employment and though dangerous, he promises it will be well-paid...

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