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David Auburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In her conversation with Robert, why is Catherine worried?
(a) She thinks she may inherit the same illness as her father.
(b) She thinks she heard an intruder.
(c) She has lost her drivers' license.
(d) She thinks her mortgage payment may be overdue.

2. Why is Hal able to put the notebooks in order?
(a) Because he has carbon-dated the pages in a lab.
(b) Because Robert dated every entry.
(c) Because the notebooks are color-coded.
(d) Because Catherine has helped him organize.

3. Why did Claire stay up so late?
(a) She could not sleep.
(b) She was working on a very important paper.
(c) She got caught with the physicists, and all her friends went home.
(d) She was arguing with Catherine.

4. Where did Catherine get the dress she wore to the funeral?
(a) Robert gave it to her.
(b) Hal gave it to her.
(c) Claire gave it to her.
(d) She already had it.

5. How does Catherine treat the police officers?
(a) She is very timid and quiet.
(b) She is rude and borderline abusive.
(c) She is extremely polite.
(d) She is outgoing and inviting.

6. What does Claire want Catherine to do?
(a) Go back to bed and rest.
(b) Move to New York, where Claire can keep an eye on her.
(c) Stay in the house where she and Robert lived.
(d) Go back to school in Chicago.

7. What was Hal's state of mind when he met Catherine four years ago?
(a) Happy; he'd specifically set up the meeting to talk to her.
(b) Angry; he's hoped to meet Robert alone.
(c) Confused; he did not have any idea who she was.
(d) Nervous; he was dropping off his thesis for her father to check.

8. Why does Claire want Catherine to come to New York?
(a) She never wants to come back to Chicago to visit.
(b) She is worried that Catherine is upset and exhausted, and living in Chicago is bad for her mental health.
(c) She wants to get a two bedroom apartment so they can live together again.
(d) She needs Catherine to help organize the upcoming wedding.

9. Where did Hal go to the mathematician conference?
(a) Toronto.
(b) Los Angeles.
(c) New York.
(d) Miami.

10. Why did Hal not attempt to pursue Catherine after their initial meeting?
(a) He disliked Robert, and assumed he would dislike Catherine as well.
(b) He did not feel it was appropriate to flirt with his doctoral advisor's daughter.
(c) He was in love with Claire.
(d) He did not initially like Catherine at all, and avoided her at all costs.

11. What did Catherine think of Hal the first time they met?
(a) She thought he was not boring.
(b) She thought he talked too much.
(c) She thought he was terribly boring.
(d) She thought she loved him.

12. What does Hal discover in the notebook?
(a) A proof.
(b) A short story.
(c) A theory of physics.
(d) A painting.

13. Where did Claire want Catherine to stay, instead of coming back to the house to care for Robert?
(a) In the mental facility.
(b) In New York City.
(c) In her marriage.
(d) In school.

14. What does Catherine insist on searching before Hal leaves?
(a) His computer files.
(b) His backpack.
(c) His wallet.
(d) His briefcase.

15. What was Claire trying to do in her conversation with Catherine?
(a) She was trying to commit Catherine to a hospital.
(b) She was trying to figure out if Hal was taken or not.
(c) She was trying to make decisions, not start an argument.
(d) She was trying to figure out if Robert was alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Claire call Catherine by?

2. Why is the proof so important?

3. Where does Scene 1 take place?

4. According to the letter Catherine has memorized, is Gauss pleased to discover the letters he has received are from a woman?

5. What is Hal's full name?

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