Objects & Places from Proof

David Auburn
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The Back Porch

The setting where all of the action and dialogue takes place.

The Proof

Catherine's mathematical theorem, formerly believed unprovable, though no one believes she wrote it.

Robert's Notebooks

One hundred and thirty objects left behind by the mathematical genius turned madman.


The university Catherine attended until she had to drop out to care for her father.

Hal's Thesis

The reason Hal seeks Robert's guidance, occasioning his first meeting with Catherine.

Hal's Backpack

The article Catherine searches when she is initially suspicious of Hal's motives.

Hal's Jacket

What Hal used to conceal the object he attempted to smuggle out of Catherine's house.


One of the songs which Hal and his bandmates play. The title is the mathematical term for imaginary number.

Catherine's Key

The object Catherine wears on a chain around her neck. It goes to the drawer in her father's desk where she...

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