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David Auburn
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Lesson 1 (from Act 1 Scene 1)



This lesson should focus on what is revealed about Catherine's character though Hal and Robert.


1.) Lecture on the timeline of Act 1, Scene 1, with the class taking notes: Catherine and Robert's conversation, Catherine's birthday, Robert's death, Hal and the notebooks, the police, and back to Catherine's birthday. Explain the significance of Catherine's birthday and the journal entry.

2.) Students pick one of their notes/thoughts/ideas to comment on, ask a question on, or discuss.

3.) As a class, choose five of the notes/comments/ideas, split into groups, and develop the ideas further. The groups should discuss significance to the story and find specific quotes from the text supporting their ideas. Each group should give a short presentation to the class sharing their ideas.

4.) Homework: write a one-page essay on the structure of scene one. Mention specifically what the audience learns about Catherine's character. What conflicts...

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