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David Auburn
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Act 1 Scene 1

• The play opens with Robert and Catherine, father and daughter, sitting on the front porch at midnight.

• It is Catherine's birthday and she drinks drinks champagne straight from the bottle as she and Robert, who has been dead for a week, discuss whether or not she has inherited Robert's insanity.

• The notebook is the only lucid writing Hal has found, and he meant to wrap it and give it to Catherine for her birthday.
• Hal gets done looking through Robert's notebooks upstairs and invites Catherine to come see his band play.

• Catherine thinks it is useless for Hal to go through the notebooks because they are full of gibberish.
• Catherine searches Hal's backpack for a stolen notebook, and discovers he has hidden one in his jacket.

• She calls the police to report a robbery in progress.
• Hal explains that he meant to wrap the notebook and...

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