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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Norris oppose the Armed Ship Bill when his state seemed to favor it?
(a) He thought the bill would prevent the US from declaring war on Germany.
(b) He thought it should really be a declaration of war.
(c) Norris believed it was a ploy to get the US into WWI without going through congress.
(d) He wanted to gain fame as the man who defied President Wilson.

2. How did Taft's candor cause him to lose his party's nomination for President?
(a) His candor caused him to be overly tactful.
(b) People thought you could not trust a man like that.
(c) His answers were always truthful and very often blunt.
(d) He did not always say exactly what he meant.

3. What does Kennedy suggest is the number of courageous Senators who have put their political lives on the line in order to speak honestly?
(a) There are too many to name.
(b) He said every Senator has that kind of honesty.
(c) He wrote down a list of over fifty.
(d) The ones in his book are the only ones.

4. What was leaked to the newspapers that did away with American public resistance to the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) The Mexican conspiracy.
(b) The Kaiser's war zone warning.
(c) The sinking of the Titanic.
(d) The Zimmerman note.

5. What did Lamar say about his vote against the Matthews Resolution?
(a) My vote was unimportant in a Senate populated with Radical Republicans and Democrats.
(b) The directions for how I should vote arrived after the vote had already been taken.
(c) I believe that statesmanship is dead in the South.
(d) If I had voted for it as directed I should have cast my first vote against my conscience.

6. Prior to the Civil War, what notable action did Lamar undertake with Jefferson Davis?
(a) Writing the Articles of Confederation.
(b) Walking out of the Democratic Convention.
(c) Designing the Confederate flag.
(d) Speaking out against secession.

7. What was the irony of Norris' using the filibuster to fight passage of the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) Norris had actually tried to do away with the filibuster in an attempt to bring change to the Senate.
(b) Because Norris was unable to speak for long periods of time.
(c) Because Norris had said he would not filibuster the President's bills.
(d) Because the filibuster was something new that had never been tried before.

8. What method did Sen. Norris use to prevent the passage of the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) Collecting enough votes to defveat it.
(b) Buried in committee.
(c) Filibuster.
(d) A Petition.

9. What senator dashed his presidential hopes by speaking out against the Ku Klux Klan?
(a) Sen. Sam Houston of Texas.
(b) Sen. Lucius Lamar of Mississippi.
(c) Sen. Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri.
(d) Sen. Oscar W. Underwood of Alabama.

10. What poet does Kennedy quote to express the bitterness of the South during reconstruction?
(a) Edgar Allen Poe.
(b) Vachal Lindsay.
(c) Longfellow.
(d) Walt Whitman.

11. Who called Taft's speech against the Nazi war crimes trials a classic example of his muddled and confused thinking?
(a) Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York.
(b) Newspaper columnist David Lawrence.
(c) Sen. Scott Lucas of Illinois.
(d) Former Nazi Franz Von Papen.

12. What was the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) It provided for arming neutral American merchant ships.
(b) It provided a large tax increase to build upthe navy.
(c) It provided for US Navy action while claiming neutrality.
(d) It provided for ships to supply weapons for the Allies in Europe.

13. Which senator saved himself from dunking by giving a speech beside the river?
(a) Sen. Stephen Austin of Texas.
(b) Sen. Jacob J. Javits of New York.
(c) Sen. Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky.
(d) Sen. John Adams of Massachusetts.

14. Which courageous Senator refused to support the expunging of some of Jackson's military activities?
(a) Sen. John Tyler of Virginia.
(b) Sen. Oscar Underwood of Alabama.
(c) Sen. Andrew Johnson of Tennessee.
(d) Sen. Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky.

15. What memorable line did the Toledo BLADE print about Taft after he decried the Nuremberg trials?
(a) That Taft wanted to let loose on the world a terrible gang of cutthroats.
(b) He has no feeling about the soup kitchens of 1932 but supports Nazi criminals.
(c) He has a wonderful mind that knows practically everything and understands practically nothing.
(d) This is not the time to weaken the punishment of international crimes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Ross targeted for surveillance and harassment before the Johnson trial.

2. Did Norris always oppose President Wilson's measures?

3. Why were the Radical Republicans happy to see Edmund G. Ross come to the Senate?

4. What were the results of Norris' opposition of President Wilson on the Armed Ship Bill?

5. What position did Lamar take after the Civil War?

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