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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which bitter rival of Sen. Robert A. Taft actually ended up in the White House?
(a) Harry S. Truman.
(b) Dwight D. Eisenhaur.
(c) Thomas E. Dewey.
(d) Richard Nixon.

2. How was Lamar similar to author Joel Harris?
(a) Lamar, like Harris, was a graduate of Oxford.
(b) Lamar wrote a book called Tunes of the South.
(c) Lamar, like Harris, told tales about the South.
(d) Lamar had a pet named Br'er Rabbit.

3. Why was Ross targeted for surveillance and harassment before the Johnson trial.
(a) Stanton thought he could intimidate Ross with his military connections.
(b) Both sides believed he was weak willed.
(c) He kept silent on how he might vote.
(d) He was using his secret to gain political notariety.

4. How did journalist William Preston Johnson describe the intellectual atmosphere of the Lamar family?
(a) There was a black thread of moodiness in all the family.
(b) The Lamars had amassed a huge library.
(c) The fatal dowry of genius was upon the house.
(d) They were self taught but not uneducated.

5. Who said that he would rather be in his grave than in the presidency?
(a) Thomas Jefferson.
(b) George Washington.
(c) John C. Clahoun.
(d) John Adams.

6. Who was the only Southern senator who refused to secede with his state?
(a) Andrew Johnson.
(b) Jefferson Davis.
(c) Thomas Hart Benton.
(d) Andrew Jackson.

7. What was the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) It provided for US Navy action while claiming neutrality.
(b) It provided for ships to supply weapons for the Allies in Europe.
(c) It provided a large tax increase to build upthe navy.
(d) It provided for arming neutral American merchant ships.

8. Which courageous Senator refused to support the expunging of some of Jackson's military activities?
(a) Sen. John Tyler of Virginia.
(b) Sen. Andrew Johnson of Tennessee.
(c) Sen. Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky.
(d) Sen. Oscar Underwood of Alabama.

9. What were the circumstances that brought Edmund G. Ross to Congress as Senator from Kansas?
(a) A landslide vote of the Kansas people.
(b) He was sent after a recall of Senator Lane.
(c) The resignation of Senator Lane who was a reconstructionist.
(d) The suicide of his predecessor, Senator Jim Lane.

10. What was Lamar's main purpose in his political actions?
(a) To bring the South peacefully back into the Union.
(b) To rekindle the anamosity between North and South.
(c) To become President of the United States.
(d) To transfer his allegience to the Northern Democrats.

11. On what basis did Edmund G. Ross claim his right not to decide until all the evidence was presented against Johnson.
(a) He had taken the oath of impartiality.
(b) He wanted the publicity.
(c) He was trying to get bribe money for his vote.
(d) He thought it was all a big joke.

12. What famous piece of legislation bears Robert A. Taft's name?
(a) The Taft Welfare Act.
(b) The Taft Education Manifesto.
(c) The Taft Health Plan.
(d) The Taft-Hartley Act.

13. Why did George Norris believe Big Business was urging the country into war?
(a) Because American business wanted to supply munitions to the Kaiser.
(b) Because Big Business supported Wilson only when he tried to stay neutral.
(c) Because the country was actually run by a few big businessmen.
(d) Because he feared the munitions profits was what was steamrolling the country into war.

14. Did Norris always oppose President Wilson's measures?
(a) Yes. He was a total critic of Woodrow Wilson.
(b) No. He supported the President's issues that made him look good in Nabraska.
(c) No. He supported the President's major foreign policy issues.
(d) No. He was opposed to any form of isolationism.

15. What was Lamar's involvement in the controversial Hayes-Tilden presidential election?
(a) He made stump speeches for Hayes.
(b) He supported an election commission that eventually gave Hayes the Presidency.
(c) He refused to fight the election results.
(d) He voted against the Democrats and supported Hayes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Johnson's purpose as President that caused him problems with the Radical Republicans?

2. What poet does Kennedy quote to express the bitterness of the South during reconstruction?

3. What was Ross' military experience?

4. What nickname was given to Joe Cannon because of his power?

5. Prior to the Civil War, what notable action did Lamar undertake with Jefferson Davis?

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