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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one argument Webster made for compromising on the question of slavery?
(a) If the Union divided, slavery might even become stronger in the Southern states.
(b) Northerns would be able to have slaves legally.
(c) Slavery would eventually dry up because there were fewer traders.
(d) World opinion would eventually settle the question.

2. Why did George Norris believe Big Business was urging the country into war?
(a) Because he feared the munitions profits was what was steamrolling the country into war.
(b) Because the country was actually run by a few big businessmen.
(c) Because American business wanted to supply munitions to the Kaiser.
(d) Because Big Business supported Wilson only when he tried to stay neutral.

3. What was the irony of Norris' using the filibuster to fight passage of the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) Because the filibuster was something new that had never been tried before.
(b) Norris had actually tried to do away with the filibuster in an attempt to bring change to the Senate.
(c) Because Norris had said he would not filibuster the President's bills.
(d) Because Norris was unable to speak for long periods of time.

4. Why did Houston define himself as an old fogy?
(a) Because, he said, I have been around far too long and need to retire.
(b) Because, he said, he had been made a martyr for Texas.
(c) Because, he said, I don't always practice what I preach.
(d) Because, he said, I cling devotedly to the principles upon which our government was founded.

5. What made Sam Houston a household word in the United States?
(a) He was leader of the Texas forces that defeated Mexico at the battle of San Jacinto.
(b) He became known for the Houston knife he invented.
(c) He was a greater orator than Daniel Webster.
(d) He ran for president in 1856 but did not win the Democratic nomination.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Lamar similar to author Joel Harris?

2. How did Lamar view the free silver movement of 1877?

3. What was Johnson's purpose as President that caused him problems with the Radical Republicans?

4. How did Ross describe his feelings just before he cast his not guilty vote?

5. What is a constant that an elected official must understand?

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