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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an irony of Benton's opposition to the slave states?
(a) He opposed abolition.
(b) He refused to go against his own party.
(c) He was a descendent of a slave.
(d) He owned slaves himself.

2. How did Norris attack Joe Cannon's power?
(a) Filibusters on every issue that Cannon favored.
(b) Impeachment threats against the Speaker of the House.
(c) Press conferences informing the public of Cannon's abuse of power.
(d) A resolution requiring the entire House to study and amend a resolution, rather than just allow the Speaker to appoint a committee.

3. What Senator had to be carried into the Senate to cast his vote on Johnson's impeachment?
(a) John B. Henderson.
(b) Joseph Smith Fowler.
(c) James W. Grimes.
(d) William Pitt Fessenden.

4. What view did Webster take that made him unpopular with abolitionists?
(a) He would not address the subject of slavery because he though it would just go away.
(b) He did not feel that being a part of a Union that allowed slavery in some territories a viable alternative.
(c) He refused to argue against salvery when he went to the Southern states.
(d) He was a strong supporter of the Union and believed compromise on slavery was more important than breaking up the nation.

5. Which candidate did Norris support in the 1928 Presidential election?
(a) Al Sharpton.
(b) Al Gore.
(c) Al Newman.
(d) Al Smith.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the six Republicans say they would not vote to convict President Johnson?

2. How many other Republicans lost their careers by standing with Ross against the impeachment of President Johnson?

3. What was ironic when the Matthews Resolution came up for a vote in the Senate?

4. According to Kennedy, what makes it difficult to recognize courageous acts when they do occur?

5. How did Lucius Lamar first run for Congress?

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