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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Webster's justification for accepting political gifts and money?
(a) He considered them gifts from God and from voters or constituents who Webster believed were created in God's image.
(b) He published his gifts in the newspaper.
(c) He shared the gifts with other Senators and Congressmen.
(d) He used everything he collected for his favorite charities.

2. How did Daniel Webster describe and define himself?
(a) Not as a Massachusetts man but as an American.
(b) As a debator who loved to take any opposing view.
(c) As a citizen of the world.
(d) As a free thinker opposed to the Union.

3. What were the results of Norris' opposition of President Wilson on the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) He was taken off all Senate committees.
(b) He was vilified for acting against the President.
(c) He was recalled by Nebraska.
(d) He resigned his seat in the Senate.

4. Why did George Norris decide to go against his constituents and vote according to his conscience?
(a) He felt that his constituents were being led by the alarmist press.
(b) He said that just voting as he was told required no patriotism, no education, and no courage.
(c) He was convinced that it was the only way for him to get publicity.
(d) It was his purpose to run for President in the next general election.

5. What unwanted praise did Norris and his group receive after the filibuster?
(a) Praise from the Mexican government.
(b) Praise from the German press.
(c) Praise from the French who also opposed the war.
(d) Praise from Lenin in Russia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the example of some advice Kennedy received when he first became a Congressman?

2. What measure did Henry Clay enlist Webster to help with?

3. In spite of John Quincey Adams' clarity and political courage, what life-long need did he have?

4. In a speech, how did Houston justify his right to deliver an address in a Texas town where he had been turned away from the courthouse?

5. What was rumored to be the cause of Houston's breakdown and resigning as Governor of Tennessee?

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