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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did George Norris decide to go against his constituents and vote according to his conscience?
(a) He said that just voting as he was told required no patriotism, no education, and no courage.
(b) It was his purpose to run for President in the next general election.
(c) He felt that his constituents were being led by the alarmist press.
(d) He was convinced that it was the only way for him to get publicity.

2. What was the Armed Ship Bill?
(a) It provided for ships to supply weapons for the Allies in Europe.
(b) It provided for arming neutral American merchant ships.
(c) It provided for US Navy action while claiming neutrality.
(d) It provided a large tax increase to build upthe navy.

3. In PROFILES IN COURAGE, what does John F. Kennedy fear the American public has forgotten?
(a) How to tell if a man is honest.
(b) The basic principles our country was founded on.
(c) What courage actually is.
(d) Where to look for courage in a politician.

4. Besides appearing to be disloyal to his father when he aligned himself with Jefferson's politics, what other problem arose for John Quincey Adams?
(a) He was forced to change political parties and lose his seniority.
(b) His mother becaue distraught that her son and husband did not agree.
(c) He lost his political influence for many months.
(d) Disillusionment of his party when he broke with them and voted with Jefferson.

5. What did Lamar say about his vote against the Matthews Resolution?
(a) If I had voted for it as directed I should have cast my first vote against my conscience.
(b) My vote was unimportant in a Senate populated with Radical Republicans and Democrats.
(c) The directions for how I should vote arrived after the vote had already been taken.
(d) I believe that statesmanship is dead in the South.

Short Answer Questions

1. What made Sam Houston a household word in the United States?

2. What Webster speech in the Senate became known by the date it was given?

3. Why was Ross targeted for surveillance and harassment before the Johnson trial.

4. What view did Webster take that made him unpopular with abolitionists?

5. Although thought of as a crazy politician, what did John F. Kennedy see as a mark of courage in the man?

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