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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Webster speech in the Senate became known by the date it was given?
(a) The Independence Day speech.
(b) The Christmas Day speech.
(c) The First of January speech.
(d) The Seventh of March speech.

2. What occurred during a duel that gave Benton a reputation as something of a thug?
(a) He killed a U. S. District Attorney.
(b) He threw down his gun and beat the man with his fists.
(c) He rigged the other pistol so it wouldn't fire.
(d) He had a sniper actually shoot the opponent.

3. What view did Webster take that made him unpopular with abolitionists?
(a) He would not address the subject of slavery because he though it would just go away.
(b) He was a strong supporter of the Union and believed compromise on slavery was more important than breaking up the nation.
(c) He did not feel that being a part of a Union that allowed slavery in some territories a viable alternative.
(d) He refused to argue against salvery when he went to the Southern states.

4. Kennedy sees as a weakness in John Quincey Adams an emotional attachment to whom?
(a) His religious congregational members.
(b) His wife and his mistress.
(c) His parents and God.
(d) His college friends and professors.

5. What effect did Webster's three-hour-long speech in the Senate have in 1850?
(a) It gave the South the idea of secession.
(b) It helped hold off the Civil War for a good ten years.
(c) It made many political allies for Webster.
(d) It rallied the North to declare war on the South.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was one of Benton's favorite sayings about himself?

2. What is a constant that an elected official must understand?

3. What is an irony of Benton's opposition to the slave states?

4. Where did Benton say he's rather see the Democratic Party rather than give one inch to Mr. Van Buren?

5. Why was Webster a leader in the North prior to the Civil War?

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