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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect did Webster's three-hour-long speech in the Senate have in 1850?
(a) It helped hold off the Civil War for a good ten years.
(b) It made many political allies for Webster.
(c) It gave the South the idea of secession.
(d) It rallied the North to declare war on the South.

2. What does Kennedy identify as the second pressure that prevents courageous deeds by elected officials.
(a) The need to get re-elected.
(b) The need to publish a book.
(c) The need to get more education.
(d) The need to travel the world.

3. What was one argument Webster made for compromising on the question of slavery?
(a) Slavery would eventually dry up because there were fewer traders.
(b) World opinion would eventually settle the question.
(c) If the Union divided, slavery might even become stronger in the Southern states.
(d) Northerns would be able to have slaves legally.

4. How was Benton's behavior different when he was with his family from when he was involved in politics?
(a) He held his family by fear.
(b) He hid his wife's mental illness from the public.
(c) He was easy on political opponents and harsh on his family.
(d) He was always warm and gentle around his family.

5. To what does Kennedy ascribe as half the power of Webster?
(a) His ability to make friends easily.
(b) His political connections.
(c) His handsomeand commanding appearance.
(d) His outstanding education.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kennedy characterize the difficult position of the elected official?

2. In PROFILES IN COURAGE, what does John F. Kennedy fear the American public has forgotten?

3. What Senator pulled a gun on Benton once?

4. How did one reporter categorize elected officials?

5. How did Webster view the Compromise of 1850 in terms of his anti-slavery convictions?

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