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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what prestigious university did Adams once work as a professor?
(a) Princeton.
(b) Yale.
(c) Dartmouth.
(d) Harvard.

2. Kennedy sees as a weakness in John Quincey Adams an emotional attachment to whom?
(a) His religious congregational members.
(b) His college friends and professors.
(c) His parents and God.
(d) His wife and his mistress.

3. How did Webster view the Compromise of 1850 in terms of his anti-slavery convictions?
(a) He viewed it as a short-term compromise.
(b) He wanted to bring the prospect of Civil War to a head.
(c) He thought it would give him power to run for President.
(d) He believed that compromise would eventually lead to abolition.

4. What metaphoric comparison does Kennedy make to John Quincey Adams' Puritanism?
(a) The east coast, craggy, rocky, somber and strong.
(b) A conflict of interests.
(c) Kennedy's Catholicism.
(d) A mighty ship in a storm.

5. John Quincey Adams' mother was fond of saying John had been groomed to do what?
(a) Become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
(b) Write great books.
(c) Uphold the American legal system.
(d) Become a Puritan minister.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a constant that an elected official must understand?

2. What does Kennedy identify as the second pressure that prevents courageous deeds by elected officials.

3. To what does Kennedy ascribe as half the power of Webster?

4. What trait of Adams ultimately caused him to suffer great disappointments?

5. What was Daniel Webster known for during his lifetime?

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