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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one of Benton's favorite sayings about himself?
(a) Benton will never compromise.
(b) Benton and Democracy are one and the same.
(c) Benton is a bull in a china shop.
(d) Benton always knows what is right.

2. Which candidate did Norris support in the 1928 Presidential election?
(a) Al Sharpton.
(b) Al Gore.
(c) Al Newman.
(d) Al Smith.

3. What does Kennedy identify as the personal tragedy and national greatness about Sen. Robert A. Taft?
(a) That he got his party's nomination three times but never won a Presidential election.
(b) That he would always speak out in such a way that appeared to compromise his beliefs.
(c) That his father had been President but he had no such ambitions.
(d) That he aspired to be President but his uncompromising sense of right prevented that from happening.

4. Which senator saved himself from dunking by giving a speech beside the river?
(a) Sen. Jacob J. Javits of New York.
(b) Sen. John Adams of Massachusetts.
(c) Sen. Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky.
(d) Sen. Stephen Austin of Texas.

5. How does Kennedy assess the failure of both Adams presidencies to produce second terms?
(a) Unwillingness to campaign for a second term in office.
(b) An unwillingness to compromise on mundane matters of politics.
(c) Poor choices for their cabinet members.
(d) Personalities that clased with everyone not of their religion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Lamar view the free silver movement of 1877?

2. What is ironic about Texas secession on March 2?

3. How did Benton's reputation for being crazy become problematic to his opponents?

4. Who was the Democratic majority leader in the Senate who later became Vice President?

5. What famous speech did Lamar give in Congress?

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