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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Sen. Albert Beveridge's famous statement after he was defeated for speaking out against the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act?
(a) The people of Indiana will see the error of their ways one day in the future.
(b) I can see now that I should have kept my mouth shut and my mind open.
(c) It is all right, twelve years of hard work, and a clean record; I am content.
(d) Our country would be better off with an Indian tribe style government of blood and prejudice.

2. What Webster speech in the Senate became known by the date it was given?
(a) The First of January speech.
(b) The Independence Day speech.
(c) The Seventh of March speech.
(d) The Christmas Day speech.

3. What benefit did Norris fight for to aid the people of Tennessee Valley?
(a) Low cost electricity.
(b) Better roads and highways.
(c) Coal mining concessions.
(d) Tax relief for the poor.

4. What unwanted praise did Norris and his group receive after the filibuster?
(a) Praise from Lenin in Russia.
(b) Praise from the German press.
(c) Praise from the Mexican government.
(d) Praise from the French who also opposed the war.

5. What memorable line did the Toledo BLADE print about Taft after he decried the Nuremberg trials?
(a) This is not the time to weaken the punishment of international crimes.
(b) He has no feeling about the soup kitchens of 1932 but supports Nazi criminals.
(c) He has a wonderful mind that knows practically everything and understands practically nothing.
(d) That Taft wanted to let loose on the world a terrible gang of cutthroats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disease cut short Lamar's military career?

2. Where did Houston say he wanted it written that he loved his country, he was a patriot, and he was devoted to the Union.

3. What measure did Henry Clay enlist Webster to help with?

4. What did Robert A. Taft have in common with John Quincey Adams?

5. What act of courage marked the Presidency of Robert A. Taft's father, William Howard Taft?

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