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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Daniel Webster known for during his lifetime?
(a) As a squeaky voiced speaker.
(b) As a politician who opposed any kind of compromise.
(c) As a writer of fiction.
(d) As a particularly eloquent speaker.

2. What was one argument Webster made for compromising on the question of slavery?
(a) Northerns would be able to have slaves legally.
(b) If the Union divided, slavery might even become stronger in the Southern states.
(c) World opinion would eventually settle the question.
(d) Slavery would eventually dry up because there were fewer traders.

3. Although thought of as a crazy politician, what did John F. Kennedy see as a mark of courage in the man?
(a) He would do whatever was necessary to get re-elected.
(b) He would stand up in the Senate without a gun.
(c) His stance on big government over states' rights.
(d) He would do what he thought was right regardless of his party or his popularity.

4. What Webster speech in the Senate became known by the date it was given?
(a) The Seventh of March speech.
(b) The Independence Day speech.
(c) The First of January speech.
(d) The Christmas Day speech.

5. What is a particular problem on occasion when the electorate presents a desire to the elected official?
(a) What they want they are not willing to help pay for.
(b) What they want is not clear to the elected official.
(c) What they want may not in the long run be good for the constituency.
(d) What they want is not fair to fixed income people.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the dichotomy concerning John Quincey Adams' father?

2. According to Kennedy, what makes it difficult to recognize courageous acts when they do occur?

3. How did Webster's constituents view his stand on compromise with the slave states?

4. Whom did the Adams family say that the magistrate must serve?

5. Where did Benton say he's rather see the Democratic Party rather than give one inch to Mr. Van Buren?

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