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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What high office did Lamar hold at the end of his career?
(a) Justice of the Supreme Court.
(b) Vice-President of the United States.
(c) Head of the Democratic National Committee.
(d) Secretary of the Interior.

2. How was Benton's behavior different when he was with his family from when he was involved in politics?
(a) He hid his wife's mental illness from the public.
(b) He was always warm and gentle around his family.
(c) He held his family by fear.
(d) He was easy on political opponents and harsh on his family.

3. What disease cut short Lamar's military career?
(a) Apoplexy.
(b) Polio.
(c) Dyptheria.
(d) Laryngitis.

4. What is the irony of Houston's defending the Northerner's rights to abolition?
(a) Houston was a slave to the Cherokee.
(b) Houston opposed slavery except in the South.
(c) Houston disliked all Yankees.
(d) Houston owned slaves himself.

5. What was rumored to be the cause of Houston's breakdown and resigning as Governor of Tennessee?
(a) He discovered that his young bride had been forced to marry him even though she loved another.
(b) He started drinking heavily and could not perform his duties.
(c) General Andrew Jackson called him for an important secret mission.
(d) People were pressuring him to run for President of the Union but he did not want to.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who served as the Governor of Tennessee and later as Senator from the State of Texas?

2. How did Webster's constituents view his stand on compromise with the slave states?

3. Prior to the Civil War, what notable action did Lamar undertake with Jefferson Davis?

4. What is ironic about Houston as an Indian fighter?

5. What did Lamar say about his vote against the Matthews Resolution?

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