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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What view did Webster take that made him unpopular with abolitionists?
(a) He refused to argue against salvery when he went to the Southern states.
(b) He would not address the subject of slavery because he though it would just go away.
(c) He was a strong supporter of the Union and believed compromise on slavery was more important than breaking up the nation.
(d) He did not feel that being a part of a Union that allowed slavery in some territories a viable alternative.

2. Why was Webster a leader in the North prior to the Civil War?
(a) He could out talk his opponents.
(b) He was older than any other politician.
(c) He knew all the words in the dictionary.
(d) He had strong views against slavery.

3. What issue caused Benton finally to begin losing popularity in Missouri?
(a) The Missouri voters felt allied to the South but Benton supported the Union.
(b) The Missouri voters became ashamed of Benton's rough behavior.
(c) Benton had too many duels.
(d) Benton refused to own slaves.

4. John Quincey Adams' mother was fond of saying John had been groomed to do what?
(a) Write great books.
(b) Uphold the American legal system.
(c) Become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
(d) Become a Puritan minister.

5. What metaphoric comparison does Kennedy make to John Quincey Adams' Puritanism?
(a) A conflict of interests.
(b) Kennedy's Catholicism.
(c) The east coast, craggy, rocky, somber and strong.
(d) A mighty ship in a storm.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advantage did John Quincey Adams have as a politician?

2. What did Lamar say about his vote against the Matthews Resolution?

3. To what does Kennedy ascribe as half the power of Webster?

4. Where did Houston deliver his acceptance speech after being elected Governor as an independent?

5. What poet does Kennedy quote to express the bitterness of the South during reconstruction?

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