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William Poundstone
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Short Answer Questions

1. In the prisoner's dilemmas experiments, how many times was the equilibrium solution played, according to Chapter 6?

2. Who developed a mathematical way to extend von Neumann's game theory beyond the original game theory insights?

3. In the prisoner's dilemma, what do both criminals have to do in order to be set free by the police?

4. In the game model prisoner's dilemma who developed the equilibrium solution that undermined rationality in general?

5. The RAND institute at one time had every great U.S. and free world mathematician, physicist and ____ working there.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Poker and Baseball involve mixed strategies?

2. Who helped Flood conduct his 100 prisoner's dilemmas experiments?

3. What was the Princeton social scene like while von Neumann was at IAS?

4. How did von Neumann end up at Princeton after earning his PhD in mathematics?

5. Why did Bertrand Russell suggest and believe in the merits of preemptive nuclear war?

6. Besides all his work on the Manhattan Project, von Neumann also found time to help IBM. How did he help this company?

7. Who originally suggested the RAND corporation and for what purpose?

8. How is Kriegspiel different from Chess or Tic-tac-toe?

9. How did von Neumann end up working on the Manhattan Project and what did he produce while there?

10. Who is John Nash?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In regards to the Flood-Dresher experiment the author tells a story about honor among thieves to explain the prisoner's dilemma that was first discussed in a paper authored by Flood. What was the original Flood-Dresher experiment like? What are some inherent problems with this dilemma? How can they be resolved for the best possible outcome for each player? What is the worst possible outcome for each player in this game model?

Essay Topic 2

In the 1980s game theory took an unexpected turn and evolutionary game theory was born. How did this happen? What was the logic behind the development of this theory? Aspects of what disciplines were used to create this evolutionary model? How did Robert Axelrod introduce a strategy based in human psychology to the traditional problem found in game theory?

Essay Topic 3

Chapter 11 details more social dilemmas and outlines differences in two classes of games - symmetric and asymmetric. What is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric games? What are examples of both? How do you play a game of Bully and how is this game a model for human conflict?

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