Objects & Places from Prisoner's Dilemma

William Poundstone
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Prisoner's Dilemma

In this game, if both parties cooperate they both lose.

Zero-sum Game

In this game one person wins, and another must lose.

Minimax Theorem

This is an idea that a game with two opposing, rational parties has a solution.


This place is the capital of Hungary.

Institute for Advanced Studies

This is where great thinkers worked and also could socialize nearby.

Pure Strategy

This is an approach that is defined by the game.

Mixed Strategy

This approach considers several factors as well as the most effective outcomes.

Saddle Point

This is an equal solution that opposing parties come to in a game.

The RAND Corporation

Employees in this place conducted studies on the "unthinkable."

Operation Crossroads

This took place in 1946 on some islands.

Think Tank

The RAND Corporation was considered one of these places.


These were used to ensure a good second strike in...

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