Prisoner's Dilemma Fun Activities

William Poundstone
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To Push or Not to Push

In Chapter 1 an ethical dilemma is presented where loved ones in different rooms have to decide whether or not to push a button. Create a picture of what one of these rooms would look like, with the button, the time keeping piece, the observation window, etc. Use any medium to create the picture.

Prisoner's Dilemma

The game described in Chapter 1 involves two criminals and a police interrogation. Role play this game - prisoner's dilemma. Talk about how it feels to play.

Travel Log

In Chapter 2 we find John von Neumann traveled from Hungary via Germany to the United States. Create a travel log and accompanying map of this journey. Post on a "travel" classroom board.

Just Married!

John von Neumann marries his first wife Mariette Koevesi. Create a marriage announcement for this special occasion.

Room Collage

John von Neumann's teen daughter moves...

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