Prisoner's Dilemma Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

William Poundstone
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Essay Topic 1

How did the strategic thinking of the Cold War become the logic of mathematical game theory as developed by von Neumann and his partner? Who was involved in the Cold War? Who were key players on either side of the conflict?

Essay Topic 2

Why was John von Neumann considered a child prodigy? How did his genius affect his academic, professional and personal life? Beginning with von Neumann's childhood, chronicle his milestones in connection with his great intellect.

Essay Topic 3

What is Kriegspiel and where does it fit in the game theory arena in connection with how and when it was developed? How it was used and by whom? What were some of the social, political and military implications of this game?

Essay Topic 4

What is a pure strategy in game theory? What are mixed strategies? When are mixed strategies used as opposed to a pure strategy...

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