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Jean Sasson
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Short Answer Questions

1. With the publication of her first book, Princess, what was Sultana's biggest regret?

2. What is the Kaaba? .

3. What was Maha's relationship with Aisha?

4. On the plane trip portion of the holy pilgrimage, what stories did Sultana tell her daughters?

5. During the trip to London, what is revealed about Maha's relationship with her grandmother, Noorah?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe why Sultana feared that Amani might turn out like her cousin, Lawand.

2. In explaining a woman's place in Saudi society to their children, describe the example Kareem gave of the Prophet Mohammad's opinion on the subject and Sultana's explanation of what the Koran says about a woman's place among men.

3. When Kareem bumped into an old friend from school name Yousif, he discovered that the man was quite different from the boy he knew. Explain Yousif's opinion of women in Saudi Arabia and describe Kareem's reaction to learning about his old friend's ideas about right and wrong.

4. How did Maha react to the restrictions her parents placed on her in regard to her relationship with Aisha?

5. Explain how Sultana felt that the strict segregation of Saudi Arabia affected society.

6. When Sultana told her daughters stories on the plane during their holy pilgrimage, how did their reaction make Sultana feel?

7. In the end, explain what the family decided to do about Sultana and the book and how they treated her.

8. Describe how the book Princess affected the relationship between Kareem and Sultana.

9. Explain the effects that the Gulf War had on the women of Saudi Arabia, and Sultana's daughter, Maha, in particular.

10. Describe how Sultana's father, brother and husband reacted as they read passages from her book out loud at the family meeting.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Recall Amani's animal obsession. To what extent did Amani go to acquire animals for her collection? How did her family deal with her love of animals? What ultimatum did her family give her after her love of animals turned to obsession?

Essay Topic 2

When Sultana learned of the impending circumcision of Fatma's granddaughter, she was willing to help in any way she could. Describe Sultana's interaction with Fatma's daughter and the outcome of their conversation. How did Sultana feel about the outcome? What did the situation do to her resolve to help stop female circumcision?

Essay Topic 3

Prior to leaving on a holy pilgrimage, Muslims are required to go through a process of cleansing and purification called Ihram.

Part 1) Explain the various aspects of Ihram and the cleaning or purification value of each.

Part 2) Describe Sultana's struggle with the processes of Ihram. Why did she have so much trouble?

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