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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the story of Reema's situation leave Sultana feeling?
(a) Hopeful and excited.
(b) Angry and ready to fight.
(c) Jealous.
(d) Downcast and disillusioned.

2. When Amani began to invite friends and extended family over for meetings, what was the purpose?
(a) To practice witchcraft secretly.
(b) For discussing ways to look and dress more like Americans.
(c) For prayer.
(d) For planning a revolution.

3. What shameful secret about her cousin, Majed, did Amani learn and share with Sultana?
(a) Majed poured scalding water down the throat of his infant daughter to kill her.
(b) Majed was a homosexual.
(c) Majed raped a woman who was in a coma in the hospital.
(d) Majed married two teenage virgins, used them for sex and divorced them one month later.

4. In the aftermath of Abdullah's grand plan, how did Sultana feel about Kareem?
(a) She realized that she was wrong and begged him to forgive her.
(b) She was furious with him for his suspicions and threateded to leave him.
(c) She believed he was hard-headed and old-fashioned, but she was lucky to have him.
(d) She felt that his betrayal was the "final straw" and made plans to divorce him.

5. How did Kareem feel about what Abdullah did with the additional item/s he took from the family safe?
(a) He was angry but proud of his son's sense of charity.
(b) He was ashamed of his son.
(c) He was happy with Abdullah's decisions.
(d) He was disappointed and could not understand Abdullah's motive.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many sisters did Sultana have?

2. What mission did Amani undertake with the family's staff of servants?

3. When Sultana and Fatma returned home, how did Sultana feel on the drive back?

4. How did Fayza's family get her back from Jafer?

5. After the holy pilgrimage, how did Amani's clothing change?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what Sultana found was missing from the family's safe after Kareem had suspicions about Abdullah's interest in helping his friend Jafer.

2. When the sisters went to visit with Reema, how did her husband, Saleem, react when he saw Reema's condition?

3. Describe Saleem's attack on Reema and the outcome for Reema.

4. Due to the stress of what was happening with her children in the beginning of Chapter 9, Sultana developed what some call a "nervous twitch." Explain how Sultana's stress manifested itself into this "nervous twitch" and what type it was.

5. In the opening scene of Chapter 8, Sultana broke up an argument between her children over a newspaper. Explain why the newspaper was such a hot topic for the siblings.

6. After the family's holy pilgrimage, a sandstorm prohibited them from returning to Riyadh and they travel to their vacation home in Jeddah. Explain how Jeddah was different from Riyadh in regard to its restrictions on women.

7. Explain what happened to Jafer and Fayza after they decided to elope.

8. Explain what obstacle Ali faced after divorcing his wife, Nada, for the third time.

9. With Abdullah's efforts to reunite Jafer and Fayza, what was the final outcome for the two forbidden lovers?

10. Explain why female circumcision was still practiced in Saudi Arabia during Sultana's lifetime.

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