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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Sultana learn from her sisters about Reema in the aftermath of her situation?
(a) She must use a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.
(b) She was finally happy and content with her life.
(c) She was suicidal.
(d) She would never walk again.

2. Where did Sultana and her sisters go to visit Reema?
(a) Her home.
(b) A clinic.
(c) The home of her lover.
(d) A women's shelter.

3. What did Sultana discover was missing from the safe when she checked it after Kareem called her?
(a) All of the cash was missing.
(b) A precious diamond and ruby necklace was missing.
(c) All of the family's legal paperwork was missing.
(d) The passports for Abdullah and Maha were missing.

4. What did Sultana do after she discovered Abdullah's motive and actions?
(a) She called the police and turned her son in.
(b) She called the girl's parents and told them what had happened.
(c) She immediately forgave Abdullah for his theft and took him to London to see a psychiatrist.
(d) She decided to not meddle and let true love rule the day.

5. Why did the family servant, Fatma, begin wailing and praying while she prepared the family's supper?
(a) She knew Sultana's secret and it was tearing her up inside.
(b) Her family in Cairo was starving and she was powerless to help them.
(c) She was worried that Kareem was going to fire her the next day.
(d) Her granddaughter was to be circumcised that night.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the aftermath of Abdullah's plan?

2. What mission did Amani undertake with the family's staff of servants?

3. What vow did Sultana make to herself as she fell asleep after dealing with Fatma's problem?

4. What was the purpose of the Wonder Garment?

5. What news of Reema did the family learn when they arrived in Monaco?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the sisters went to visit with Reema, how did her husband, Saleem, react when he saw Reema's condition?

2. In addition to other important items, it was revealed that Abdullah also took nearly one million dollars in cash from the family safe. Explain what Abdullah did with that money and how Kareem felt about it.

3. When Sultana went to speak with Fatma's daughter, what was the outcome?

4. In the Epilogue, the sisters all gathered to remember their mother and to catch up on each other's lives. What did they learn had become of both Ali's wife, Nada, and their sister, Reema?

5. In the weeks after the holy pilgrimage, Sultana began to see great changes in Amani's actions and personality. Describe some of Amani's actions and personality changes that frightened Sultana and made her fear that Amani might one day join an extremist terrorist cult.

6. After the family's holy pilgrimage, a sandstorm prohibited them from returning to Riyadh and they travel to their vacation home in Jeddah. Explain how Jeddah was different from Riyadh in regard to its restrictions on women.

7. Fatma, Sultana's permanent housekeeper in Cairo, told Sultana about a dream she had. What was the message of the dream and how did Sultana interpret the message?

8. In the opening scene of Chapter 8, Sultana broke up an argument between her children over a newspaper. Explain why the newspaper was such a hot topic for the siblings.

9. Sultana blamed Amani's upbringing for her extreme religious conversion. Explain the differences in the economic climate between the time of Sultana's childhood and that of Amani.

10. How did Sultana describe her sister, Reema's, appearance and demeanor that made her different from all the other sisters in the family?

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