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Jean Sasson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 6, what did Sultana hint about the future of the child for whom she prayed at the end of the family's pilgrimage?
(a) The child would have to learn a difficult lesson before too long.
(b) her prayers would be answered, but not in time.
(c) Her prayers were not answered.
(d) The child was unwilling to sway from rigidly held beliefs.

2. How does Sultana remember King Fahd from his youth?
(a) As a handsome warrior.
(b) As a hateful and bullying child.
(c) As a kind and generous young man.
(d) As a shy and fearful boy.

3. What was Sultana's biggest worry with the publication of her first book?
(a) That her identity would be revealed.
(b) That her sisters would be punished for her actions.
(c) That she would be exiled from the country.
(d) That the king would be angry with her.

4. How did Sultana view her son Abdullah's attitude toward women?
(a) He had contempt for women.
(b) He was supportive of women's rights.
(c) He seemed to display a little chauvinism.
(d) He felt intimidated by women.

5. Despite the fallout from her first book, why did Sultana know in her heart that the book needed to be written?
(a) The book exposed the plight of the nation's poor, who suffer while so many are rich.
(b) Because Saudi men needed to be called out for their injustices toward women.
(c) It brought world-wide attention to the corruption of the government.
(d) The children of Saudi Arabia needed a voice, and Sultana was that voice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Kareem's attitude toward the pilgrimage exasperate Sultana?

2. At age 10, to what did Maha set on fire?

3. Why did the family's arrival in London surprise the permanent staff at the family home?

4. What reason did Sultana give her children for the plight of women in Saudi Arabia?

5. Overall, what did Sultana think of Yousif, Kareem's childhood friend?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Kareem bumped into an old friend from school name Yousif, he discovered that the man was quite different from the boy he knew. Explain Yousif's opinion of women in Saudi Arabia and describe Kareem's reaction to learning about his old friend's ideas about right and wrong.

2. Describe how the book Princess affected the relationship between Kareem and Sultana.

3. Describe what happened after Sultana and Kareem discovered that Maha had taken a pistol to work with her.

4. In the end, explain what the family decided to do about Sultana and the book and how they treated her.

5. What types of stories did Sultana tell her daughters on the plane, and how did they react?

6. Describe why Sultana feared that Amani might turn out like her cousin, Lawand.

7. Describe why Sultana reacted as she did when she heard that two men were trampled to death at Makkah.

8. Each of Sultana's children had different ideas of a woman's place in the world. Describe their attitude toward women at the time immediately following the family's holy pilgrimage to Makkah.

9. As Sultana gazed upon a photo of her uncle, the king of Saudi Arabia, Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz, what thoughts and feelings did she have about the man's character?

10. How did Maha react to the restrictions her parents placed on her in regard to her relationship with Aisha?

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