Princess Sultana's Daughters Short Essay - Answer Key

Jean Sasson
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1. As Sultana gazed upon a photo of her uncle, the king of Saudi Arabia, Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz, what thoughts and feelings did she have about the man's character?

Sultana believed King Fahd was a good man who was not to blame for the plight of women in Saudi Arabia. She knew that he had a difficult job reining over a country divided into four very different groups of people and that the job weighed heavily on him. She recalled fondly that he was a handsome warrior in his youth.

2. Explain Sultana's conflicting feelings about the effect her book, Princess, had on her family.

Sultana regretted that the book had been a slap in the face to King Fahd, but she still believed that the men of Saudi Arabia deserved to be called out for their unfair treatment of women in Saudi Arabia. She feared that she would be punished or killed if her secret was ever discovered, but she believed that the world had to hear her story.

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