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Jean Sasson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Sultana discover was missing from the safe when she checked it after Kareem called her?
(a) All of the family's legal paperwork was missing.
(b) All of the cash was missing.
(c) The passports for Abdullah and Maha were missing.
(d) A precious diamond and ruby necklace was missing.

2. How did Sultana explain her reaction to seeing the dead men beneath the sheet in Makkah?
(a) She said that she was hysterical with grief.
(b) She explained that God had sent her a message.
(c) She told them she was overly tired and not herself.
(d) She described the dream Kareem had.

3. When Maha confirmed her family's suspicions about the story she wrote, what aspect of Saudi social life was revealed?
(a) Many Saudi men find trivial reasons to have unwanted wives murdered, legally.
(b) Strict segregation often leads to secret homosexuality.
(c) Young wives of elderly men often seek out romantic relationships with servants.
(d) With more royal females than males, Saudi princesses often fall in love with men that are considered below their social class.

4. What was Sultana's biggest worry with the publication of her first book?
(a) That the king would be angry with her.
(b) That she would be exiled from the country.
(c) That her identity would be revealed.
(d) That her sisters would be punished for her actions.

5. What memorable event happened during a tense dinner with Sultana, Sara and their cousin, Lawand?
(a) Lawand spoke loudly about her extremist religious beliefs and was arrested at the restaurant.
(b) Lawand pinched and slapped Sultana for wearing a diamond necklace.
(c) Lawand attacked Sara and Sultana sprayed her with Mace.
(d) Lawand suffered a nervous breakdown and was locked in seclusion for the next three months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the family learn that Abdullah had done with the additional item/s he took from the family safe?

2. How did Amani attempt to sabotage her family when they went hunting?

3. What news of Reema did the family learn when they arrived in Monaco?

4. Why did Sultana fear that Amani would turn out like her cousin Lawand?

5. After reading Maha's story, what realization was made by her family?

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