Daily Lessons for Teaching Princess Sultana's Daughters

Jean Sasson
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and Chapter 1)


Prologue and Chapter 1

The story began just one month after the release of Princess Sultana's first book, Princess, and Sultana expressed a great fear that her identity might be discovered and she might have to face serious consequences and punishment. In fact, her family had just discovered a copy of her book and recognized themselves in the pages of Princess. This lesson looks at the author's purpose in writing this book and the consequences she faced in doing so.


1. Class Discussion: Discuss the reasons why Sultana referred to women in Saudi Arabia as "forgotten." Why might this notion anger a woman like Sultana? Why might writing a book like Princess have seemed like the right thing to do in her circumstances?

2. Partner Activity: Select a partner and discuss the reasons why Sultana was willing to risk punishment and scorn in order to share her story...

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