Princess Sultana's Daughters Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jean Sasson
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Essay Topic 1

Princess Sultana's passion in life is supporting women of Saudi society in their quest for equal rights and fair treatment by men. Cite four examples from the book of how women in Saudi Arabia were oppressed or mistreated by men.

Essay Topic 2

The publication of Princess Sultana's first book, Princess, had varied effects on the people in her life. Recall the reactions of her family and friends, and explain how each of the following people felt about the publication of Princess and how they treated Sultana once her identity was revealed: Kareem, Sultana's father, Ali and Sara.

Essay Topic 3

When Maha and Aisha became friends, both were exposed to the barbaric and depraved acts of Aisha's father.

Part 1) Describe the specific depraved behaviors of Aisha's father that Maha and Aisha witnessed.

Part 2) Explain the behaviors and actions in which Maha and Aisha engaged, due to the...

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