Princess Sultana's Daughters Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jean Sasson
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Prologue and Chapter 1

• Sultana reflected on the plight of women in Saudi Arabia and the publishing of her first book, Princess, and regretted that the book was a slap in the face to King Fahd, whom she considered a kind man who was powerless to help women attain equal rights.
• Sultana and her husband, Kareem, were summoned to Sultana's father's palace where she was confronted with a copy of her book that had been discovered.
• Sultana's family read passages from the book and were angry at her portrayal of them. In the end, the family decided to keep their identity a secret and protect the family's good name.

Chapter 2

• Sultana's daughter, Maha, became rebellious and made friends with another rebellious teen named Aisha.
• Aisha's depraved father practiced an old Muslim tradition called mut'a, in which he married virgins as young as eleven or twelve years old and used...

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