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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the Pevensie children at the train station in Chapter 1?
(a) They are going to boarding school for the year.
(b) They are returning home from a vacation.
(c) They enjoy watching people, and the train station is a great location.
(d) They are going to visit some family in the country.

2. In Chapter 3, why is the Dwarf initially uneasy in the castle ruins?
(a) He is worried about the return of the soliders.
(b) He finds the place very spooky and "smelling of ghosts."
(c) He isn't uneasy, just curious about the place.
(d) He does not trust the Pevensie children.

3. How did the Fauns hear about Caspian and come to him in Chapter 6?
(a) It was a chance meeting, they had never heard of Caspian.
(b) The Bugly Bears had told them.
(c) They saw a sign in the stars.
(d) Patterwig had sent them.

4. In Chapter 6, what is the first clue to tell Caspian of the approach of Fauns?
(a) He hears music and faint drumming.
(b) He can see the gleam cast from their horns.
(c) He can smell them.
(d) They send ahead a messenger bird telling of their approach.

5. What items does Peter take from the treasure room in Chapter 2?
(a) His crown.
(b) A book containing maps of Narnia.
(c) A full suit of armor.
(d) His sword and shield.

6. What is the name of Peter's sword?
(a) The Wolf Slayer.
(b) It has no name.
(c) Rhindon.
(d) Bucourse.

7. What reason does the Dwarf give for his treatment by the soldiers in Chapter 2?
(a) He was betrayed for a crime he did not commit.
(b) He got into an argument with the soliders over politics.
(c) He has no idea why he was being mistreated by the soldiers.
(d) He claims to be a dangerous criminal.

8. What does Lucy take from the treasure room in Chapter 2?
(a) Her diamond glass bottle containing magial cordial.
(b) A painting of a faun.
(c) A warm blanket.
(d) Her crown.

9. What land are Caspian's ancestors native of?
(a) Narnia.
(b) England.
(c) The Land of Telmar.
(d) Tenusia.

10. How many steps go down to the treasure room in the ruins?
(a) 16.
(b) 3.
(c) There are no stairs down to the treasure room, just a gentle, sloping walk.
(d) 10.

11. What do the Pevensie children do for their first meal on the island?
(a) They eat some roots and berries.
(b) They find gulls' eggs and cook them.
(c) They share sandwiches they had packed for the train station.
(d) They find a large store of nuts.

12. In Chapter 4, why does Caspian's tutor select the tower he does for the astronomy lesson?
(a) It is the most private and there is no danger of being overheard.
(b) It is the only tower he has permission to use.
(c) It has the best view of the astronomical event.
(d) It is the shortest distance from Caspian's room.

13. What do gifts does Prince Caspian receive from his tutor in Chapter 5?
(a) A map and a compass.
(b) A purse of gold and Susan's horn.
(c) A sword and a shield.
(d) A horse and a cloak.

14. As Prince Caspian rides away from the castle in Chapter 5, what sight does he see?
(a) His tutor standing on the great tower waving goodbye.
(b) The castle guards shooting arrows after him.
(c) A comet streaking behind the castle.
(d) Fireworks celebrating the birth of Miraz's son.

15. When Prince Caspian was a very young child, who was his favorite person?
(a) His aunt, Queen Prunaprismia.
(b) His uncle, King Miraz.
(c) The gardener.
(d) His nurse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What service does Patterwig perform for Caspian, Trufflehunter and the Dwarfs in Chapter 6?

2. What type of animal is Patterwig?

3. When Caspian awakens in Chapter 5, what does Nikabrik want to do to him?

4. What is the name of the castle the children remember from when they were Kings and Queens of Narnia?

5. After they procure the boat from the soldiers, how do the children get breakfast?

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