Prince Caspian Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In the beginning of Chapter 1, why are all of the Pevensie children feeling gloomy?

In Chapter 1, the Pevensie children are awaiting a train to take them back to boarding school. As they will shortly be saying goodbye to each other (the boys and girls attend different schools), they are all feeling gloomy and the term-time feelings are starting to being as they realize their summer holidays are truly over.

2. Describe the first impression the children have of the island as described in Chapter 1.

The Pevensie children are initially very pleased when they find themselves on a sandy beach with a very calm sea in Chapter 1. The beach is bordered by a wood and there isn't a cloud in the sky when the children begin to explore the beach and enjoy the water.

3. In Chapter 1, which Pevensie child tries to persuade the others to save their sandwiches and why?

As the children first realize they are hungry on the island, Susan tries to convince the others that they should save their sandwiches for she fears they may want them much more in the future than they do at the present. Susan is very practical and she is worried they won't find something else to eat.

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