Objects & Places from Prince Caspian

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This is a magical land where the Pevensie children ruled as Kings and Queens.

Aslan's How

This is a magical place where Prince Caspian's army makes their last stand against Miraz.

Cair Paravel

This is a castle where Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan ruled over 1300 years ago.

Susan's Horn

This object has magical properties that give the bearer power to summon strange help.

Dancing Lawn

This is the location where Prince Caspian and the old Narnians have their council of war.

Edmund's Electric Torch

This object was brought from England and is the means of finding important objects in the treasure room.

Train Station

This is the location of the Pevensie children at the onset of the novel.


This is a magical object that allows the Pevensie children to return to England and the Telmarines to return to their homeworld.

Challenge to Single Combat

This is...

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