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Narnia - This is a magical land where the Pevensie children ruled as Kings and Queens.

Aslan's How - This is a magical place where Prince Caspian's army makes their last stand against Miraz.

Cair Paravel - This is a castle where Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan ruled over 1300 years ago.

Susan's Horn - This object has magical properties that give the bearer power to summon strange help.

Dancing Lawn - This is the location where Prince Caspian and the old Narnians have their council of war.

Edmund's Electric Torch - This object was brought from England and is the means of finding important objects in the treasure room.

Train Station - This is the location of the Pevensie children at the onset of the novel.

Door - This is a magical object that allows the Pevensie children to return to England and the Telmarines to return...

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