Daily Lessons for Teaching Prince Caspian

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-3)


This lesson will focus on the author of Prince Caspain, C.S. Lewis. Students will learn about his life, writing style and other works and give a short in-class presentation on their findings.


1) In class research: Begin by introducing C.S. Lewis by sharing a few interesting facts about his life and by listing some of his other works on the board. Then instruct students to utilize the library to search out more biographical information on C.S. Lewis. Encourage them to look for specific information about C.S. Lewis as it relates to the book, Prince Caspain, for example: what inspired him to write the book and is it based on any personal experience?

2) Writing Assignment: After students have had some time to research C.S. Lewis, they should write a brief journal entry detailing their findings, noting interesting facts and any information about...

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