Prince Caspian Character Descriptions

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Peter Pevensie

This character is the High King of Narnia and is a natural leader.

Prince Caspian

This character has to make a quick escape from his home in the middle of the night.


This character is a cruel leader with no compassion or honor.

Lucy Pevensie

This character possesses a diamond flask containing a healing cordial.

Edmund Pevensie

This character brought his flashlight with him into Narnia and is an accomplished warrior and leader.

Susan Pevensie

This character is excellent at archery and swimming and is able to frighten away two soldiers by shooting arrows at their helmets.


This character is a dwarf who is killed when a fight breaks out after he tries to introduce dark magic as a means of acquiring power.


This character is a badger who remembers the ancient ways of Narnia.


This character creates a magical door to...

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