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Chapter 1-3

• The Pevensie children: Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are waiting a train station as they are returning to boarding school for the year.

• These children have had experience with magic, once traveling to a different world, Narnia, where they became Kings and Queens before returning to their own time.

• As they wait, they all begin to feel as though they were being pulled on. Sensing it is magic, they join hands and find themselves transported to a beach.

• After frolicking in the water, they began to explore their surroundings and find they are on an island.

• They share sack lunches the boys had carried in their pockets, and find a stream to drink from before they come upon an old orchard and the remains of a building.
• As the children explore the building ruins, they discover it used to be a castle, and they reminisce about...

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