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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Owen say about the nuns?

2. What does Owen steal from the school after he is expelled?

3. What unusual article of clothing is Owen wearing when Johnny arrives?

4. As an adult, what board was Johnny running for re-election in?

5. What is it about Owen that fascinates the person from Tabitha's past?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Amputation becomes a large theme throughout the novel. Compare/contrast the amputation of the armadillo and the amputation of Johnny's hands. What is similar about them? What is the difference? What is the significance of the two amputations?

Essay Topic 2

There are many characters who feel somehow responsible for the death of Tabitha Wheelwright. In an essay, briefly explain the reasons behind both Owen and Reverend Merrill's belief of their responsibility. What prompted each of them to believe in his responsibility? How has this affected his life?

Next, argue why the responsibility for her death should lie somewhere else. This argument should clearly and succinctly prove why neither Reverend Merrill or Owen is responsible. Use support from the text to prove your argument.

Essay Topic 3

Owen Meany's faith that he is an instrument of God makes up a large part of his character. Choose two characters in the novel and compare/contrast their views on whether or not Owen was an instrument of God. How does Owen's history and beliefs affect their views of him?

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