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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Ms. Wheelwright meet her new boyfriend?

2. Which character is killed in the Vietnam war?

3. Which character was referred to as "the little doll"?

4. What is Owen's defining physical characteristic?

5. What job did Owen believe was passed on to him from a higher being?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Johnny see when he travels to Tabitha's grave for the first time?

2. What was the conflict that Dan and Tabitha encountered when they were planning their wedding ceremony?

3. Why does Owen react so strongly to Johnny's opinion of his mother's death?

4. How is Owen described physically?

5. Who is Dan Needham, and what does he look like?

6. How do the other Sunday school students treat Owen?

7. What does the audience see Johnny Wheelwright reading, as an adult, in Canada, and how does Johnny react?

8. Describe Johnny's cousins.

9. What is significant about Johnny Wheelwright's family?

10. What does Owen gift to Tabitha and Dan as a wedding gift?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The entire novel was working toward the idea of Owen's destiny. He had been aware of his purpose from the very beginning. In an essay, explain what Owen Meany's destiny was, and the ways that he worked toward achieving it. How was Johnny Wheelwright a major part of Owen Meany's destiny? Did the ending give you a sense of satisfaction? Why or why not? Did you feel that John Irving was leading you steadily down one path - toward Owen's destiny - or did the ending come out of nowhere? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Amputation becomes a large theme throughout the novel. Compare/contrast the amputation of the armadillo and the amputation of Johnny's hands. What is similar about them? What is the difference? What is the significance of the two amputations?

Essay Topic 3

Johnny's stuffed armadillo becomes a symbol for the relationship that Owen and Johnny have with each other. In an essay, compare/contrast what the armadillo means to both Johnny and Owen as individuals. What do they use it for? How the physical changes in the armadillo represent the changes that happen in the boys' relationship. How the armadillo comes into play with the fruition of Owen's destiny? How does the symbol of the armadillo return?

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