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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of man does not have good neighbors?
(a) Pompous.
(b) Wealthy.
(c) Quarrelsome.
(d) Impoverished.

2. What, along with visitors, will stink after three days?
(a) Fish.
(b) Woes.
(c) A wet dog.
(d) Rotted meat.

3. What is its own defense?
(a) Truth.
(b) Silence.
(c) Innocence.
(d) Godliness.

4. In Franklin's opinion, what is the last organ to stop when a woman dies?
(a) Heart.
(b) Mind.
(c) Kidneys.
(d) Tongue.

5. An undutiful daughter will surely make what kind of wife?
(a) Undutiful.
(b) Unmanageable.
(c) Insufficient.
(d) Unwelcome.

Short Answer Questions

1. What group of people will most likely go through life without just rewards?

2. In what year was Franklin born?

3. In Franklin's opinion, what is the last organ to stop when a man dies?

4. If one eats few suppers, one will have less need for which of the following?

5. What word is used to describe something that happens after one dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Give at least one example in which God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

2. Franklin's first quote about lawyers uses a metaphor that has to do with what animals and what activity? How does Franklin feel about lawyers?

3. What does Franklin have to say about starting a new year?

4. What is the nature of sin? According to Franklin, why is it forbidden?

5. What does the author advise his readers against in regards to overlooking the small things in life?

6. How does one tend to treat another differently when there is wealth involved?

7. Franklin shares a short rhymed poem regarding three entities. What are the entities and how are they compared?

8. What part of the almanack may be difficult for people of today to understand?

9. Who was responsible for writing and compiling POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK? Who was the true author?

10. How is a lie different than the truth in its steadfastness?

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