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The Almanac - A yearly publication which contains information including sun and moon phases, recipes, weather reports and predictions.

Arse - This British slang word refers to the part of the body that you sit on.

Two Precious Jewels - Franklin refers to these as time and good advice.

Groat - A silver coin worth about four English pennies.

Jole - A colloquial term for the jowl or lower jaw.

Tomtit - A small but very active songbird.

Pelf - A term which refers to money or riches, especially if these riches are gained by dishonest means.

Scepter - A wand or staff used to represent the power or authority of a monarch.

Whig and Tory Parties - These were two opposing English political parties.

Dead Sea - A salt water lake located between Israel and Jordan.

Rogue - A dishonest person, however, generally one who is...

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