Poor Richard's Almanack Fun Activities

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Create a Webzine

Update the proverbs in POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK and create your own webzine based on the updated wisdom.

Visit a Print Shop

Visit a print shop to learn about how printing is done today. Compare it to the work in Franklin's day.

Create a Family Tree

Have each student design a family tree, including names, dates, places, and relationships. Include photos and stories about the people included.

Study Foreign Currency

Using the Internet, library resources or print media, find as many pictures of foreign currency as possible.

Read Franklin's Biography.

Read a detailed biography of Benjamin Franklin's life. What did you learn above and beyond the biographical information written in the preface?

Create A Colonial Newspaper

Create your own version of a Colonial newspaper or pamphlet similar to Franklin's original almanacks.

Create a Meal for Family and Friends

Create a meal and meal plan based on...

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