Poor Richard's Almanack Character Descriptions

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Benjamin Franklin

The creator, compiler and publisher of POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK.

Richard Saunders

The fictitious character who writes the almanack.

Bridget Saunders

The wife of the writer of the almanack.


This is a character taken from the Bible.


A blind storyteller who lived in Greece in the 8th century BC.


On his deathbed, this character included in Franklin's almanack shares tears with his wife.


This term is a title given to a person in an imperial or ruling position.


This is a character who is generous with advice; however, he rarely takes advice from others.


This person throws his wife out of the house because she is sick, reasons his action is justified because he promised in his wedding vows to keep his wife in sickness and health.

Squire Edward

This character tells his friend he has never see the friend in...

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