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Section One Through Page 20

• First section begins with history about Franklin.

• Apprenticeship as a printer is detailed.
• Life in Boston and Philadelphia are discussed.

• Franklin travels overseas.
• Franklin becomes a statesman.

• The author refers to the Boston Tea Party and Revolutionary War.
• Franklin's proverbs focus on many similar topics, including virtue, honesty, and being forthright.
• The importance of being a good neighbor is discussed.
• Many proverbs are related to the relationship between man and wife; what makes it successful.
• Franklin lists many entries regarding industriousness and sloth.
• One should not mistake leisure for laziness, nor ignorance for an unwillingness to learn.

Section Two Through Page 40

• Franklin discusses wealth and fortune and how each is attained.
• The life of Homer is discussed; how the man was not appreciated for his gifts.
• The value of keeping promises is discussed. Broken promises can lead to enemies.
• The value of education is...

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