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Short Answer Questions

1. The Prices make it look like Rachel is engaged to whom?

2. What animal does Leah kill during the big hunt?

3. Where does Brother Fowles and his family live?

4. Who has not changed in the Congo?

5. What does Orleanna do when she reaches the edge of the village?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Orleanna changed when she finally gets up from bed? Who does she influence?

2. What living creature invades Kilanga? What do the villagers do?

3. What does Orleanna do after Ruth May's death? Why does she do this?

4. What do you think Kingsolver means when she has the woman in the market say that there has never been a village past Bulungu and that she doesn't know of anywhere called Kilanga?

5. What happens to Ruth May at the end of Book 4? What happens after this event?

6. Why do you think that Leah now feels uncomfortable in the United States?

7. What happened to Patrice Lumumba?

8. What does Nelson give to Ruth May? What does he tell her to do with it?

9. What happens during the big hunt?

10. Where does each of the girls go after Ruth May's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Kingsolver brings the United States into the novel in several different ways. What role did the United States play in the Congo at a national and village level? What does Kingsolver seem to think about the United States' role in the events in the Congo? Do you think the United States should have been involved in the Congo?

Essay Topic 2

Nathan Price is the only character from the Price family that does not narrate in the novel. Why do you think he does not have a voice in the novel? What effect does this have on the reader's perception of him and the events of the novel? What does Nathan represent or symbolize in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Many Christian denominations have sent out missionaries. Do you think that Nathan's version of religion was what his denomination intended? Do you think missionaries should try to convert people? Why or why not?

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