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Short Answer Questions

1. Which family member refuses to take any responsibility for what happened to Ruth May?

2. Where does Adah go to school?

3. According to Ruth May, who is last in the family?

4. What does Rachel choose to save from the house?

5. What color is inside the green mamba's mouth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Orleanna do after Ruth May's death? Why does she do this?

2. What happens to Ruth May at the end of Book 4? What happens after this event?

3. What do you think Kingsolver means when she has the woman in the market say that there has never been a village past Bulungu and that she doesn't know of anywhere called Kilanga?

4. Why does Rachel think that she can't go back to the United States now?

5. Why do you think that Leah now feels uncomfortable in the United States?

6. How is Orleanna changed when she finally gets up from bed? Who does she influence?

7. Orleanna characterizes Nathan as someone who stands still. What does she mean by this?

8. What do Rachel and Adah learn? From where do they each learn this?

9. What does Anatole find in his hut? What is this a sign of? What happens to Anatole?

10. Why do you think Adah says that the loss of life isn't always unwelcome?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Prices change during their time in the Congo. Discuss how the changes affect the family, including:

1) Which character do you think changed the most? How did this character change?

2) Which character changed the least? In what ways does the character remain the same?

3) How does the family itself change from the beginning of the book to the end?

Essay Topic 2

Which character in the novel do you think that you are most like? Why do you think you are like this character? Which character do you think you are least like? Why?

Essay Topic 3

A number of symbols are used within the novel. Choose one symbol and answer the following?

1) What is the symbol and what does it represent?

2) How does Kingsolver use the symbol in the novel?

3) Trace the symbol through the novel and note when it appears.

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