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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What becomes Orleanna's only purpose after Ruth May's death?
(a) Forgiveness
(b) Meditation
(c) Motion
(d) Quietness

2. What does Leah create controversy over wanting to do?
(a) Marry Pascal
(b) Eat ants
(c) Preach in the church
(d) Participate in the big hunt

3. How long after the Congo's independence does Congress look into the United States' secret operations?
(a) 1 year
(b) 10 years
(c) 15 years
(d) 5 years

4. What happens to Anatole in the year after Ruth May's death?
(a) He marries Adah
(b) He is imprisoned
(c) He dies
(d) He becomes sick with malaria

5. What does Nathan preach about in the boat?
(a) Revelations
(b) The birth of Jesus
(c) The Eygptians and the plagues
(d) The Ten Commandments

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Rachel go after Ruth May's death?

2. What do the girls find when they take Ruth May's bed away from the wall?

3. Who does the green mamba bite?

4. How old is Rachel on her birthday?

5. What does Anatole mourn for on January 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Leah tell Anatole? What does he tell her in return? Why do you think he responds this way?

2. What happens during the big hunt?

3. Why do you think Ruth May chooses a green mamba as the place that she wanted to be when she died?

4. Why does Rachel think that she can't go back to the United States now?

5. What does Anatole find in his hut? What is this a sign of? What happens to Anatole?

6. What do Rachel and Adah learn? From where do they each learn this?

7. Why do you think that Leah now feels uncomfortable in the United States?

8. What do you think Kingsolver means when she has the woman in the market say that there has never been a village past Bulungu and that she doesn't know of anywhere called Kilanga?

9. What does Tata Ndu want from the family in Book 3? How does the family respond?

10. What happens to Ruth May at the end of Book 4? What happens after this event?

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