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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first of the Prices to interact with the village children?
(a) Leah
(b) Ruth May
(c) Adah
(d) Rachel

2. What do the girls find after the rain?
(a) A toy boat
(b) An old shirt
(c) A nest of birds
(d) A basket

3. Orleanna's husband did what as an occupation?
(a) Baptist minister
(b) Small business owner
(c) Developer
(d) Diamond smuggler

4. Where does Adah go when she gets home?
(a) To her bedroom
(b) To the hammock
(c) To the kitchen
(d) To the living room

5. In Book 1, Orleanna says that Africa afflicted her like what?
(a) A bout of a rare disease
(b) A stomach bug
(c) A case of puppy love
(d) A panic attack

6. Ruth May thinks that Africans are from the tribes of ________?
(a) David
(b) Ham
(c) Job
(d) Jeremiah

7. What does this chapter reveal about what is going to happen?
(a) The Price's house burns down
(b) The family returns to the United States
(c) One of Orleanna's daughters is buried in Africa
(d) A civil war breaks out in the Congo

8. The tone of Book 1 is one of what?
(a) Sadness
(b) Forward looking
(c) Danger
(d) Happiness

9. What do the girls get from Mother for Christmas?
(a) Needlework things
(b) Things to put in their hair
(c) Mirrors
(d) Soap and shampoo

10. All the men in the village are called what?
(a) Father
(b) Uncle
(c) Tata
(d) Brother

11. Why does Adah now think that she and Leah have separate lives even though they are twins?
(a) They are the middle children
(b) Leah doesn't have a brain problem
(c) They have different names
(d) Adah's given birth to a new life through her language

12. The Prices are going to serve in which town?
(a) Uganda
(b) Kilanga
(c) Kuhna
(d) Underdown

13. What are sandals made of in Kilanga?
(a) Leather
(b) Car tires
(c) Vines
(d) Wood

14. What takes up half the day in the Congo?
(a) Praying
(b) Caring for the chickens
(c) Visiting people
(d) Cooking

15. What lesson does Nathan Price give Leah about why God gave people seeds?
(a) God created the earth
(b) God blesses the faithful
(c) God gives seeds to sustain people
(d) God helps those who help themselves

Short Answer Questions

1. What punishment does their father give the Price girls?

2. When does Nathan say that family will leave?

3. Orleanna's journey in Africa come to what kind of end?

4. Who narrates Book 1?

5. What happens after the Independence in the Price household?

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