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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Orleanna make for the picnic at Easter?
(a) Prime rib
(b) Pork ribs
(c) Potato salad
(d) Fried chicken

2. What does Nathan Price do with the hills that Mama Tataba made in the garden?
(a) Uses them as a model for his own hills
(b) Plants seed in them
(c) Levels them out
(d) Ignores them

3. What animal does Leah try to keep as a pet, but releases after Nelson tells her that the villagers won't like it?
(a) Monkey
(b) Okapi
(c) Snake
(d) Owl

4. All the men in the village are called what?
(a) Father
(b) Tata
(c) Uncle
(d) Brother

5. What does Orleanna now look for in her daughters?
(a) Peace
(b) Illness
(c) Sadness
(d) Happiness

6. Why does Adah now think that she and Leah have separate lives even though they are twins?
(a) They have different names
(b) Adah's given birth to a new life through her language
(c) They are the middle children
(d) Leah doesn't have a brain problem

7. Who warns people away from Nathan's church?
(a) Orleanna Price
(b) Mama Tataba
(c) Chief Ndu
(d) Eeban Axelroot

8. Why are there no fruits or vegetables in the garden?
(a) There are no pollinators
(b) The vines all died
(c) The villagers are stealing them
(d) The ground isn't fertilized

9. Who is put in charge of the chickens?
(a) Adah
(b) Rachel
(c) Ruth May
(d) Leah

10. Why does Orleanna stay with her husband?
(a) Because it is what she can do
(b) Because he loves her
(c) Because she doesn't have the money to leave
(d) Because she thinks that he is a great husband

11. The Prices travel to which country to serve as missionaries?
(a) New Guinea
(b) Kenya
(c) Congo
(d) China

12. When the family arrives, the country is on the brink of what?
(a) A drought
(b) A civil war
(c) A thunderstorm
(d) A bomb going off

13. What does Nathan Price encounter in the garden?
(a) A cobra
(b) An okapi
(c) Sticker weed
(d) Poisonwood

14. What does Adah think that the church in Kilanga has become?
(a) The Church of the Disinterested
(b) The Church of the Lost Cause
(c) The Church of the Saved
(d) The Church of the Women

15. How far did Orleanna and the family have to carry water?
(a) A mile and a half
(b) From the kitchen
(c) A half a mile
(d) One mile

Short Answer Questions

1. How many daughters does Orleanna have?

2. What is painted on Mother's oval platter?

3. Why do people keep staring at Rachel?

4. Adah has which condition?

5. Where does the family put the only mirror?

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