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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the parrot's name that was left by Brother Fowles?
(a) Shadrach
(b) Polly
(c) Isaiah
(d) Methuselah

2. Who is put in charge of the chickens?
(a) Adah
(b) Rachel
(c) Ruth May
(d) Leah

3. Why does Mother cry on Rachel's birthday?
(a) The cake doesn't turn out
(b) Nathan yells at her
(c) She remembers Rachel's birth
(d) She cuts herself accidentally

4. Mama Mwanza does not have what part of her body?
(a) Ears
(b) Arms
(c) Hands
(d) Legs

5. What do the girls do in the mornings?
(a) Homework
(b) Cooking
(c) Play
(d) Cleaning

6. What illness does the family try to avoid?
(a) Malaria
(b) Measles
(c) Chicken Pox
(d) AIDS

7. When the family arrives, the country is on the brink of what?
(a) A bomb going off
(b) A thunderstorm
(c) A civil war
(d) A drought

8. Adah has which condition?
(a) Polio
(b) Hemiplegia
(c) Blindness
(d) Spinal cord injury

9. All of the houses in Kilanga have what?
(a) A porch
(b) A bathroom
(c) A water pump
(d) A red dirt yard

10. When did everything change in the Congo, according to Orleanna?
(a) The day that the river flooded
(b) The day that the church burned
(c) The day that Adah began to speak
(d) The day that they lost the parrot and Mama Tataba

11. What does Nathan Price encounter in the garden?
(a) A cobra
(b) Sticker weed
(c) An okapi
(d) Poisonwood

12. Whose job is it to keep an eye on Ruth May?
(a) Adah
(b) Leah
(c) Rachel
(d) Nathan

13. Where does the family put the only mirror?
(a) Rachel's bedroom
(b) The kitchen
(c) The living room
(d) The bathroom

14. Where does Adah go when she gets home?
(a) To her bedroom
(b) To the living room
(c) To the hammock
(d) To the kitchen

15. Orleanna was a child of what era?
(a) The Middle Ages
(b) The Vietnam War
(c) The Victorian Age
(d) The Depression

Short Answer Questions

1. Ruth May thinks that Africans are from the tribes of ________?

2. What does Adah think that the church in Kilanga has become?

3. Who comes for dinner at the Price's house?

4. What is the animal that Orleanna remembers seeing in Book 1?

5. What lesson does Nathan Price give Leah about why God gave people seeds?

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