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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Orleanna feel was on Nathan's side?
(a) Anatole
(b) Satan
(c) God
(d) Chief Ndu

2. What toy of Ruth May's disappears?
(a) Sock monkey
(b) Barbie doll
(c) Soccer ball
(d) Stuffed dog

3. Who warns people away from Nathan's church?
(a) Mama Tataba
(b) Eeban Axelroot
(c) Orleanna Price
(d) Chief Ndu

4. Leah and Adah have what color hair?
(a) Blonde
(b) Chestnut
(c) Red
(d) Black

5. What does Nathan Price encounter in the garden?
(a) An okapi
(b) Sticker weed
(c) A cobra
(d) Poisonwood

6. How much money does the family receive as a stipend each month?
(a) $100
(b) $50
(c) $500
(d) $1000

7. Who narrates Book 1?
(a) Orleanna
(b) Adah
(c) Nathan
(d) Ruth May

8. What does Nathan break?
(a) Orleanna's platter
(b) The radio
(c) His arm
(d) A hoe

9. What does Nelson tell Ruth May to say instead of "snake?"
(a) String
(b) Reptile
(c) Worm
(d) Spagetti

10. How many meals does Orleanna feed her family in the Congo?
(a) 4
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 3

11. What do the local women feed their families?
(a) Tomatoes
(b) Fufu
(c) Steak
(d) Tufu

12. What does Orleanna sometimes see on her walks in the Congo?
(a) Snakes
(b) Elephants
(c) Crocodiles
(d) Lions

13. Orleanna was a child of what era?
(a) The Depression
(b) The Vietnam War
(c) The Middle Ages
(d) The Victorian Age

14. All of the houses in Kilanga have what?
(a) A water pump
(b) A porch
(c) A red dirt yard
(d) A bathroom

15. All the men in the village are called what?
(a) Tata
(b) Uncle
(c) Brother
(d) Father

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Mother begin to pray?

2. What does Mama Mwanza bring the family?

3. When did everything change in the Congo, according to Orleanna?

4. When the family arrives in the village, what is the first thing Nathan Price does?

5. Why are there no fruits or vegetables in the garden?

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