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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Things We Learned (101-124).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after Nathan Price gives a blessing at the feast?
(a) Everyone eats
(b) The people begin to sing hymns
(c) The people begin to leave
(d) A chicken gets loose in the building

2. Leah helps her father where?
(a) In the kitchen
(b) In the church building
(c) In the house
(d) In the garden

3. What does Orleanna make for the picnic at Easter?
(a) Pork ribs
(b) Fried chicken
(c) Prime rib
(d) Potato salad

4. What was the hardest work for Orleanna in the Congo?
(a) Cooking and cleaning for the family
(b) Watching over her four daughters
(c) Hauling the water to the kitchen
(d) Deciding each day to stay with her family

5. Where does Mr. Axelroot live?
(a) In the center of the village
(b) With a Congolese woman
(c) In Leopoldville
(d) Down by the airplane field

Short Answer Questions

1. When the family arrives in the village, what is the first thing Nathan Price does?

2. Whose job is it to keep an eye on Ruth May?

3. Mama Mwanza does not have what part of her body?

4. Mama Tataba says that Nathan should do what in the garden?

5. What does this chapter reveal about what is going to happen?

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