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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Things We Learned (101-124).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the chief of Kilanga?
(a) Tata Undo
(b) Brother Fowles
(c) Father Mwanza
(d) Uncle Tataba

2. Ruth May thinks that Africans are from the tribes of ________?
(a) Job
(b) Jeremiah
(c) David
(d) Ham

3. Who warns people away from Nathan's church?
(a) Orleanna Price
(b) Eeban Axelroot
(c) Mama Tataba
(d) Chief Ndu

4. Why do people keep staring at Rachel?
(a) Her white shoes
(b) Her blonde hair and blue eyes
(c) She talks with a lisp
(d) She walks funny

5. What toy of Ruth May's disappears?
(a) Sock monkey
(b) Soccer ball
(c) Stuffed dog
(d) Barbie doll

Short Answer Questions

1. Before the Prices came to the Congo, which daughter was often stared at?

2. Where does Mr. Axelroot live?

3. What is the parrot's name that was left by Brother Fowles?

4. Mama Tataba says that Nathan should do what in the garden?

5. Leah and Adah have what color hair?

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